Friday, 18 September 2009


Welcome to by 214 in 2010 challenge blog. Whilst out with some friends on a recent walk I realised that I lived in such a wonderful place and wasn’t really making the most of it. I didn’t some motivation to get off my arse and out into the fells. So what better way than to explore all the Wainwright Fells in 12 months. It should get out a lot more than I currently manage and also ensure that I get to see parts of the Lakes I haven’t yet explored.

I know that there are those that say it would go against AW himself to try and tick off his fells in such a short space of time, but rest assured I will not be ticking off the list and then saying that it. I will still explore different routes and walk up the same fells over and over again in the coming years. I am just using this as a way of motivation to get out in such a wonderful part of England (and hopefully get a little fitter in the process!).

So come January the 1st I will need to be completing about 4 fells a week. I will be using this blog to chart my progress and hopefully see the wonderful views you can get when the weather is nice!

For the rest of the year I will be putting in some training walks to get my fitness levels up and testing gear (you can’t have enough shiny new gear now can you?)!